View Full Version : How hard would it be...?

05-30-2017, 06:37 PM
To institute two things:

First a team mode and solo mode. If you have two or more people in a group solo mode will not let you join and if you are solo you cannot join team mode. This may not improve match making but it would stop any pre-made groups from owning solo player groups.

Secondly, to handle rage quitters, why not give their steel and exp to the people that did not quit. Evenly disperse it among the players left that did not quit. However this would not be feasible in team mode because of power leveling by having three team members quit to help one guy get all exp and steel. Instead in team mode if one guy rage quits on a team, the whole team loses it's steel and exp. This will help by having the teams police their own members who rage quit. How long do you think someone would last on a team if he rage quit. No one would want to play with that person.

Both ideas are both just thoughts. Meant for discussion purposes. There is definitely room for expanding both ideas and there can be arguments both for and against. I just want to know if one, both or none of the ideas are feasible.

Yes, I know the game has more important issues, but for the sake of this discussion let's pretend it doesn't.:cool: