View Full Version : Are You Having Fun at Team Based Mods? What Are They Waiting For the Fix?

05-29-2017, 07:57 PM
After centurion and shinobi I feel like this game is really really not fun when it comes to team fights. I mean we all saw that we all saw how shinobi kick/range gb and centurion unblockables kills all joy.
Are they really need more data to adress this? Ofc you should be at disadvantage when outnumbered but this is just stupid. Before that we had warlords that ruining all the fun with their ledge thing and just put you at the wall with running thing. But now you can just throw your controller when you are fighting even 2v1.
What are we waiting for? I don't agree with "game is dead" people but it is obvious game is losing blood. Just throw some hotfixes. If it is gonna make cent and shinobi weaker than it should be so be it. I am rep10 cent I am not a "I dont play pay2win characters" stupid.
But c'mon people this is not fun to play. I am sick of playing duel I wanna play team modes but they are just so tilting.