View Full Version : How do shields work?

05-29-2017, 06:21 PM
I was able to play yesterday during the 'early access' period -- game was a lot of fun! The tutorials did a decent job orienting me to the different roles but were a little thin in some parts. Will we be seeing a proper manual for this game at some point?

My main question right now is regarding shields. From the engineering seat, you can allocate 1 to 5 points of power, and these are labeled "1.0," "2.0", "3.0", etc. But what do those numbers mean? With phasers and engines, it's pretty obvious (range and max speed, respectively), but "1.0" is unclear to me. If it's a magnitudinal measurement of shield strength, does increasing the power to that system immediately make the shields stronger, or does it take time to "build them up?" If shields are already damaged, say to 50%, would doubling the amount of power allocated still make them twice as strong?

Also, shields never seemed to recharge after they were damaged. They'd drop to 44%, say, and just stay there until eventually hitting 0%. (Why don't they recharge while in the range of 1% - 99%?) Then, after some period of time, they'd return to 100%. Should I leave power in that system after they hit 0%? Does it make them recharge faster, or should I move power somewhere else once they hit 0%?

Maybe a new tutorial or some other supplemental feature will be added in the Day 1 patch to explain this stuff. Otherwise, if anyone from Ubisoft could fill us in, I'm sure everyone would appreciate it :) Thanks!

05-30-2017, 09:47 PM
So I was in the same boat. I was getting damaged, which shields seem to be pretty weak, and I put them all the way up but it never really did anything. At least, nothing that I could see. They didn't recharge faster or become stronger. Also, to go along with that, I'm hoping they add more to the 3 power levels you can play with. More engines mean fast speeds but sharper turning. Phasers increase range or how much power each shot does. Then you have shield recharge time and shield strength or something. The way they build this game there is so many possibilities out there. I'm excited to watch this game grow!