View Full Version : just WHO design Shinobi? against him is so stupid and boring

05-29-2017, 03:04 PM
I just finished a 1v1 against shinobi and made me so salty
I'm not this salty before, even against warden's SB spam or PK's light/zone spam was not as salty as this
the whole game the shinobi was just ****ing keeping a distance and kick/ranged GB/ranged attack
and occationally came near and light hit and then ran away

after he succeed kick, he hit me with heavy then dash back again
AND even I dodge his kick, which is so hard in console (I think it's also hard in PC)
I can't punish him, his recovery time is so fast that I can't GB him (only if I dodge very precisely in time, which is super hard)
More over, if he kick and I dodged, he can light attack me so ****in fast

also if I CGB his ranged GB and pulled him down, I can only punish him with a light ( I played raider and kensei)
My heavy never hit him because the distance

I'm like, WTF
My only chance to punish his kick is guessing he is going to kick and I swing my light/heavy
then hope he does kick
EVEN he did kick, my timing has to be very good, or I'll still get kicked because he has super armor when kick (WTF again)
then since I was kicked, he can hit me with a heavy then run away

I mean, WTF, just who came the idea to design a character like this???
It's so ****ing boring, I would like to fight a defensive player more than this
at least fighting a defensive player is more about mind game,
fighting a shinobi is like you have to do so many things right to punish him only a little,
then he can just run away and attack you in distance
then you have to do all the right things again repeatedly
not fun anymore

I'm very VERY disappointed about shinobi's design
Centurion is ok in 1v1 I think, but too powerful in 4v4
however shinobi is so breaking the game's basic

I'm so curious about the DEV's thinking
they already knew the PK's light spam make game's experience worse
how can they make a more PK-like character with more agility and light spam and dodge ability???
and also the shinobi's teleport kick is so not fitting into the game!
It's not even possible in real workd!
I mean, at least head butt and SB, you can really do that move in real world,
but teleport????? WTF???

Can DEV say something? or please forward these to the DEV team, thanks man.

05-29-2017, 03:06 PM
i dont think they tested the new classes against the old