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05-29-2017, 01:47 PM
This is my first post, and my last.. but before I quit I want to ask

This was a really fun game, before your 2 new classes.

You know the ones 95% of the servers are playing now, whose entire offense is just a stun followed by a chain attack, followed by another stun,.. I suppose I could be a sheep and play your new classes, but no. I think one might even have a stamina drain too, LOL.

Here is a hint, when you have 14 classes to play, and 95% of your population is only playing 2, - you screwed up.

Don't get me wrong-
If you make a server which is Shinobi or Centurion free, or if maybe you get the game back to actually combat, blocking, attacking, counterattacking- not two classes rattling off 6 attacks in a row while I lay my controller on the coffee table and go to the kitchen to get a drink.. until then, see you later.

Cheers and my massive respect to anyone who is still out there fighting NOT playing Centurion or Shinobi.

05-29-2017, 02:26 PM
Tired of these same QQs so I'll keep this one short as possible.

In every fighting game, there are certain archetype/stereotypes. One of them, fighting gamers call "pattern-oriented". These types, basically, are set up that if you don't know how the pattern is set up structurally, you have little chance of winning... but once you understand the "architecture" of what constitutes the pattern, it's not as threatening as initially.

The chances are, only one -- at most probably two -- in that "6 attacks in a row" you complained about, were guaranteed. The rest, you just gave it to them.

The Cent is basically a "Bastion" in Overwatch. A typical nub killer that struggles significantly more as it tries to compete at higher levels. The Shinobi fares a little better in 1v1, but still falls short to the "traditionally OP" classes, and in Dominion, is one of the most difficult classes to play in a way that actually contributes something to the team. Around maybe 80% of Shinobis I play with, or against in any Dom game, are usually freeloaders or inconsequential to their team's victory -- more usually a liability.

There's a lot deeper level of gameplay and knowledge involved you haven't tapped into yet. You can of course, give up now, which is totally your own choice, but at least have the decency to refrain from thinking you know any of those classes in any depth, because you really don't.