View Full Version : The whole game needs to be faster

05-29-2017, 12:56 PM
I am going to write now about something that basically deep within us everyone knows.

1. The attacks and basically every animation with maybe the exception of the guardswitch have to be sped up.
2. Also, the instant zone attacks have to be removed.

Q: Why 1?
A: Because it is too easy to react to your opponent so no one attacks but waits till his opponent attacks and then punishes him. This behaviour is known as the defensive meta.

Q:But what about the characters whos guardswitch is slower then others?
A: It's not. Basically the guardswitch animation takes 100ms for everyone. There are characters that have problem with guardswitching if they switch guards too often. Details can be found in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSWm4YIPd1U

Q:Why should we play like this?
A: We allready do. Kinda.
Basically after a certain skill level attacks that are too slow are not used at all. A high level warden will not use anything but block, feint and focus on his instant zone atack. Sure it is unsafe on block. But still. It is the most effective move in the game. Since it skips guardswitch 100ms and goes straight into the 500ms attack it basically is like a 400ms attack and therefore very hard to react to. The standard length of a side light is like 600ms. A characters whos side attacks take as long as that might as well have no side light attacks at all which is a basic design flaw. Details on the animation lengths on attacks can be found in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITeudygqhpY&t=247s

I'd advocate to shorten the length of all animation by 50-100ms and guardswitching by maybe 0-20ms and remove the instant zone attacks since they'd become obsolete. The point of this is to make the game harder to react to. Blocking would become actually more challenging to do which is absolutely the most important change that this game needs. The dodges would also become faster so they would still be relatively usefull. The same goes for guardbreaks and heavy attacks. Classes with long range advantage would be better able to ulitize it since it would not be so easy for the PK or Centurion to just walk up to them while blocking every long ranged attack with ease.

Q: Would the game not become just a chaotic flailing around with weapons if the attacks are so hard to react to?
A: Yes and no. Every fighting game match is at first a poking around trying to read your opponent and use this information to predict his next move. That is how For honor should work as well. It is and it should be a form of rock paper scissors if you will. At the moment works a bit like this but only for the selected few characters with the broken instant zone attacks(Warlord, Warden, PK). All the other classes are at a dissadvantage some worse then others because they work as intended.

Possible exceptions: Warlords headbut is allready very hard to react to and does not need any buff. The same could be said about the shinobi kick.

Networking: I'm not sure if these changes are actually doable. The game has a very bad base latency according the following netcode analysis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAU5bIalbnc.It is questionable if the game can actually reliably handle attacks that take around 400ms. I've seen a fair bit of animation skipping in fast attack animations.

Consoles: I'm also not sure how this would affect consoles where the game runs at 30fps. For honor is the only fighting game ever that runs 30fps on anything. If anyone should take seriously the competitive future to this game there should be an upgrade to 60fps even if there have to be sacrifices of graphic detail. You might laugh at this suggestion but this is the only way.