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05-28-2017, 11:31 PM
For any For Honor Knights that want to a competitive group or want to help with the war and crusade with people around the world. Join the Knights Order! The Holy Sepulchre!(formerly known as the Legion, and restructuring ATM) For players that want to link up Follow the Link below. The legion/Order has weekly tournaments, faction wardiscussion, mentoring programs, just about anything. (Just take a pic or screenshot of your knight hood and post it in the chat, you start in the Portcullis chat right from the beginning) you can grab the Discord chat on your tablets and Phones if you don't want to use your computer. As you enter the chat will be blank, don't freak out say hi, add your time zone and pic of your knighthood and you will assigned to a legion. Hey everyone! This link no longer works. The discord was deleted by the owner and we have moved to this new discord: The Holy Sepulchre https://discord.gg/4Zmdv5u or The Order of the Knights Homepage http://for-honor-order-of-knights.launchrock.com/