View Full Version : Star Trek Bridge Crew released to US NON-Pre-order customers ONLY

05-28-2017, 06:39 PM
So its all over DISCORD and Redditz. Players who log into the US site and order the game for Oculus are getting their activation keys NOW.

"@Manx Tell them the USA shop is selling Home keys right now"

Earthican - Today at 12:31 PM Right now it appears the only way to reliably get access is to purchase from USA Ubisoft store for Oculus Home Yep100%

Earthican - Today at 12:31 PM This is an official leakBig oneIt's on the redditz and errythang

Earthican - Today at 12:32 PM Like I said, keys were openly sold, game is outrjSampaio - Today at 12:33 PMyay thx for the tip, paypal was acepte

International customers are able to VPN to a US site to get it. Given that UBISoft is a Canadian company, this is an insult for sure but to the best insult of all is that those of us who have paid well in advance like myself, to support the creation of the game, have been totally screwed. Pre-orders are not getting any key until the official release.

As I was on discord chat reading people ordering the game through paypal and getting their keys, I was also on UBI support chat relaying the chat to them. This is what they said;

"I wont be able to assist with that, but if your reporting that keys are being given out I can report that up. they not be sold until the 30th."
He also said;
"it was soft released to certain users such as steamers and the press"

I will not pre-order from UBI again. they're not respecting pre-order customers or international customers

05-28-2017, 10:56 PM
It's been fixed now.