View Full Version : How long it will be going on?

05-28-2017, 12:47 PM
When already Ubisoft hears his comunity and understands that no one needs their new armor, new unbalanced characters, new maps. Players need bug fixes. Normal servers for a comfortable game, not a p2p connection in a game where the always host wins because the other players have ping so high that even blocking does not allow. How can you normally perceive a game in which out of 5 fights 3 disconnects, in one ping such that you can not even strike, the enemy always strike first, and in the last centurion the whole game will jump for you and kill in one combo in 3 strike.
Why does Ubisoft ignore all these statements? It seems to me that it's time for all players to unite and demand their money back. We were promised not such a game, but what we got is fraud and deception. We were promised a grandiose project, and not a raw game full of bugs with p2p for such money. Maybe financial losses will make Ubisoft think again and understand for whom they make games and for what they get money.