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05-28-2017, 07:49 AM
So I took a month off. The disconnects were annoying and I had other games to play. I knew I was going to come back rusty but what has been done to this game is a crying shame. I'm disconnecting now more then ever which I had hoped that situation had been improved to some point. Then they've either nerfed or buffed classes to a point they shouldn't have ever gone. Most people turtled their life away in games but it was doable to still have a very enjoyable experience once you got past those annoying flaws. You had people who just love to spam the same moves over and over again but there wasn't anything that wasn't insurmountable. I had my problems with the 'meta' and the way things worked but you could work with it. The classes all seemed pretty well rounded. Yeah PK had some advantages, same as Warlord, then the Raider was so weak in comparison to the two and the Lawbringer just wasn't a duelist but things made sense.

Not every combatant entering a battlefield is of equal footing. I had prestiged five different heroes and I've gone back to them in duels these past couples days as I work my way back into For Honor because I had a lot of fun playing this game. I enjoyed playing the Raider knowing a good PK was going to steam roll me if I wasn't absolutely perfect with everything. I played the Peacekeeper feeling like I stepping into the dominion map a leg up and ready to murder. You picked the class that best suited you at the moment. Well, that really doesn't exist anymore from the feel of it. Mind you I've only flexed five heroes so far but they all seem changed beyond the point they needed to be.

But let's step away from that. Yeah you ruined some classes or tweaked them to where they don't have the same feel anymore. OK. It happens.

Deadzone guard change thing. I play Mouse and Keyboard. One of the advantage that a PK had over say a Kensei was the guard change. She could alter where her attacks were coming from fast enough that she a hit would land here and there. Same with the raider. I could feint swing change and smack. Well those 'Slow Heavy Hitters' can now course correct and parry so easily that the turtle meta seems worse then it ever was before. I had the pleasure to play with a guy who explained how before he was pretty good at parrying but now that he can adjust this feature for his controller parrying takes no effort at all. I'd cancel into a different direction and he'd parry with ease everytime then proceed to inflict a hit if he could. It was exhausting to play against. It has seriously given controller players an immense advantage over Mouse and Keyboard players. It made it where I feel no penalty for swinging my Shoguki's heavy mace around as if it were a pair of daggers. I can parry, dodge and move like a PK on my fatman. That's a problem. It should feel, in my humble opinion, if I'm playing someone who is using a lighter weapon and dealing less damage because of that that my course corrections should be faster. That's is the point of a lighter weapon after all. Moving on.

These new classes. We had some funny business before that kind of took us out of the realistic element and more into make believe. But nothing that was, how to put it, extreme? Yeah you had a fat guy that charged with super armor and bear hugged people taking no damage while his friends beat the crap out of the guy he is holding onto. Then you had a guy in full heavy armor who could flip that big fat guy like a rag doll with his halberd. Some unrealistic features for sure but nothing that took us out of that feel of being on a medieval battlefield facing off against other warriors. I'm really trying to think of something that seemed straight out of a fantasy novel about the other classes but nothing is coming to mind. Please post anything you can think of guys.

We have a guy that apparently flips into invisibility then reappears like smoke. I mean he looks like he turns into sand and then just BOOP MAGIC HERE I AM. Okay kind of breaking that wall. But then he has a heat seeking sickle, or so it appears to be on some attacks, as he throws the thing and you dodge sideways but it hits you anyway. Not to mention he can flip invisible kick to tire YOU out. Wait a second. I've done a back flip. I didn't know the people watching me got exhausted by my acrobatics. I feel kind of bad now. That is just the VISUAL aspect. The mental aspect of what is wrong with that hero. You also have the other guy who has some fantastical looking moveset. The way these hero appear just doesn't fit with the rest of the game. They seem like I should be fighting them in Skyrim or some other fantasy land. It just seems wrong to have a whimsical mage ninja and a, I don't know, grass hopper gladiator of doom that punches people in the face through ful plate to devestating effects.

But then you give them some of the most absurd mechanics possible to just out shine every other hero. I mean the raider can drain your stamina if you're not freaking mentally challenged and don't see him running at you like a mad man. The peacekeeper can bleed you dry with a thousand little cuts if you're not careful. The nobushi can be a nobushi. But really a little knife on a string can exhaust me faster then swinging a giant axe? Punching me in the face while I'm in platemail makes me tired, how? Being in semi heavy armor with a big sword but I'm going to punch, jump and rage around like I just ate a bunch of coke. As I berserk like a madman on you the strangest thing is going to happen. YOU'RE GOING TO GET COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED FROM ALL THE HARD WORK I'M DOING! BWAHAHA! Seriously. Did anybody even stop to think about how this works? Just the sheer thought of how this works boggles my mind. If anybody put some brain power behind these ideas it does not show. Yes taking hits in a fight does tire you out I'll give you that but usually not WAY more then the guy throwing the punch. On top of that I've taken a punch to the face and never been like, "Hang on you just hit me so hard that I have absolutely no energy what so ever to even stand up and fight back." It just doesn't happen unless you get knocked out in which case the rest of the monkey business they do is just unnecessary. Stab the guy when he is unconcious and move on to the next poor soul one punch man. That's the centurion guy. He punches and shoves till putting out what would be an absolutely gigantic amount of energy exhausts the other person. Then he Hercules jumps into the air to stab you in the chest. Not even going to mention the little guys ability to drain stamina because there isn't a point next to this absurdness.

I guess this is will be the end of my rant which most of you will simply see it as that but try to keep in mind this is coming from the perspective of someone who stopped playing before hero nerfs/buffs were implented. Knows how inbalanced somethings were that were changed before I stopped playing. I'm not upset the PK is weaker it still works. It's fine the raider didn't get the improvements he needed it still works. However it is different enough that the game just doesn't feel as good as it was. The different classes reaction time seem so close to one another that I don't see the point of playing a PK or Valkryie when I can parry/mvoe just as well on my Shoguki. It's easier to sit and wait for someone to do something rather then fighting then it ever was before. Dominion and Deathmatch are no longer a skill based combat system of manuevering and out fighting. It's now who can get their stamina drain super attacks off first on one poor soul before moving onto the next poor soul. Feels more like a trollfest then a battleground. I still need to play more to get a good feel for the new 'meta' but it almost feels like you are trying to kill this game off so you don't have to put any more work into it or devote any more resources to a difficult project.