View Full Version : Conqueror miss shield bashes/ bugs

05-27-2017, 03:18 PM
There's a problem with the conqueror shield bashes, you can run straight into or through an enemy sometimes, and they just stand there like they didn't just get knocked over they need to fix this problem along with the rest of this problem filled game, connection problems all the time, player de-synchronized, and etc there's so many problems with this game, and it's problematic when loyal people don't stand up and say "Well the game is fun" sure it can be fun, but is that really an excuse to let developers ignore problems that were out since day 1? No it is not..

Ubisoft got a bad reputation but it's because they deserve it, if they don't feel like jumping onto problems that were in the beta, let them have a bad reputation but loyal people need to see this, and help push for these problems to be fixed it splits the community and just makes your games less satisfying, or less replay-able