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05-27-2017, 09:45 AM
Greetings, Agents!

Last month we introduced you to the Community Favourites and asked for your opinion on the selection. You’ll find the result further down below. This month we have some new highlights and a brand new team favourite in store for you.

Reminder: All highlighted agents will receive 1000 Phoenix Credits as a reward for being featured in this article.

Now let’s jump right into this month’s highlights.
We’re always amazed by the amount of time and passion our community is putting into creating community content for the game. @TheUnburntGirl (https://twitter.com/TheUnburntGirl/status/859916654351876098/photo/1) really nailed it with her cosplay of Larae Barrett.



Look at this beauty and tell us it’s not incredible! This piece of art was created by @JerseysGhost (https://twitter.com/JerseysGhost/status/863134134176239616).



It’s all about dat bass, right? @Mutagen (https://twitter.com/Mutagenbass) got you covered. Make sure to listen to his tune below.


This time around we have a piece of art for you showing the beauty of Manhattan in black and white created by SaddamsKnuckles (http://forums.ubi.com/member.php/1965411-SaddamsKnuckles). See what Gabe and Dom think about it below.


“I love everything about this. Each picture tells a completely different story about the Agent's journey through the city, and I'm all about the darker and more harsh tone. Luckily there's a huge amount of them to get lost in. Keep it up and stay awesome. <3” - Gabe, Community Manager

“Every single image taken represents not only the effect the pandemic had on the people, but also on the city itself. It gives you that depressive feeling of being alone in a post-apocalyptic iteration of New York. It highlights the drabness of a city that is on edge. Every city has its very own story to tell and so does Midtown Manhattan. All these images captured it forever, frozen in time. I would love to see more in the future!”” - Dom, Community Representative

Check the entire gallery out HERE (http://imgur.com/a/WaRY4).

Agent, you will receive the following rewards for being featured as Team Favourite:

800 Premium Credits
2000 Phoenix Credits

Last month we asked to vote for your personal highlight among previously selected community creations. The Community has spoken and voted @damo_kb8 (https://twitter.com/Damo_kb8)’s Cosplay portraying his own in-game character to be this month’s favourite. Well done and kudos for being chosen, Damien!


You will also be rewarded with the following in-game rewards for being highlighted and chosen as Community Favourite:

800 Premium Credits
2000 Phoenix Credits

We prepared some new fan creations for you to choose from, so please head over to the relevant thread (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1676616-Community-Favourite-June-2017) to vote for the next Community Favourite.

That’s it for this month, please make sure to send us your creations either by using the hashtag #AgentHighlights on Twitter or drop us a mail
at stateofthegame@massive.se and you might just find yourself in the next article.

Attention Agents: Please ensure to follow our Twitter channel @TheDivisionGame (https://twitter.com/TheDivisionGame) so we can reach out for the in-game rewards.

Until next time!

/The Division Community Team