View Full Version : Devs: Defense is obsolete thanks to Def Pen

05-27-2017, 05:01 AM
I understand you were trying to break up the turtle meta, but HOW is this healthy for the game. Make it a modifier not a complete nullifier. I can LITERALLY have defense penetration as a secondary maxed stat, not even primary, AND STILL have a SINGLE stat OUTWIEGH 3 SEPERATE MAXED STATS. I capitalize not cause I am angry but for emphasis. I rarely use my gear stat, but all I am saying is HOW? How can you justify defense penetration, a single stat, outweighing maxed 3 separate stats? It just doesn't make sense. We wanted you to fix the problem, not make a new one. Remember when you took away throw distance, feat cooldown, all those stats because not many people used them? Well go ahead, just toss away defense while you're at it. Am I the only one who feels like this is incredibly rediculous? Like I'm not even really mad about having no defense, I just don't bother investing in it, but I'm more disappointed at the approaches to how the devs are "fixing" things.