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05-27-2017, 12:56 AM
I've been eagerly awaiting the next Far Cry and this one looks fun. According to Game Informer, it's bigger with more weapons and again we will be able to call in animals. According to a Hay's remarks to IGN, the team spent some time with people in Montana, so they have an inkling of the frontier spirit there. So it sounds like another fun sandbox and more interesting characters. Bow hunting, stealth melees, offroad trucking, explosions, and crazy characters are all I need!

Montana immediately made sense to me because rural Americans' appreciation for freedom from government. Even if few people are very familiar with the area beyond Yellowstone, most won't consider it exotic. But it offers the same freedom for wild adventures and plenty of wildlife. And it's clearly beautiful country, if harsh.

In fact, I hope the game eventually (as DLC?) takes advantage of the frequency of wildlife preserves and private ranches/zoos in states like Montana. That means there are opportunities to see animals from all over the world without it being unbelievable. Here in Texas, for example, I know of two privately owned tigers in my area, as well as exotic deer, antelope, and buffalo.

Regarding the story and characters, I have no problem with the pseudo-Christian cult. I'm old enough to remember the Heaven's Gate death cult, which I assume "Eden's Gate" was drawn from. But I do worry that none of the respectable characters will offer any balance by expressing true Christian faith... which anyone familiar with rural America knows is referenced throughout daily life and not just in church gatherings. The militant priest might be ideal for this, since Christianity has never rejected the justification of self-defense (Christ's own apostles carried swords, as shown in the arrest scene of the gospels) and Christian soldiers have always existed. But if the devs have a different story for him, genuine faith could be displayed in other characters... even incidental NPCs' dialogue.

Ultimately, Far Cry games are among my favorite games because of the large and dynamic sandbox with lots of opportunities for strategy and emergent events. But nobody wants to play a game that belittles their people. So I just hope the dialogue is really interesting and doesn't distract from the mayhem or drama with cartoonish misunderstandings of common American values like faith, freedom, and firearms.

05-27-2017, 03:28 AM
I guess, you don't have to be afraid that Ubisoft will misrepresent the people of Montana - and in this special case where faith based behavior and love of freedom collide due to this pseudo-christian cult it will be quite interesting to talk to people and argue with them in order to recruit them. Then to me Montana is kind of the Alaska on the mainland of the US, it attracts a certain kind of people with a do it yourself and do not depend on others mentality. But what I got from the trailer is, that this time they have to stay together in order to fight off what is going take away their freedom. And that is not really what they are used to - so I am looking forward to Far Cry 5, not to talk about that I like beautiful settings and Montana has plenty of beautiful nature and wildlife.