View Full Version : Just a crying.

05-27-2017, 12:05 AM
I was waiting for this game from the announce. I hear about bad starts of Division and R6. I thought Ok, I'll try beta. And everything was fine, FPS is stable on high. There were bugs and some balance problems? but not critical. I and my friends took this game.
Then came the release, the game lost a bit of FPS, stability and the English text,some maps, but everything was still playable
And .. 1.03 the game start to crush at the end of the match. This has execute my friends. The fewer players left in the game, the more often lagging matches were encountered (from 1 in 7-9 to 1 in 3-4).
Before 1.05? Developers wrote that the game will be less dependent on the quality of the connection. They were right, now lagged every match.

And now the season 2 has come. The game stably crush out once a day at the end of the round (I just do not play after that) I have almost 30 level of reputation. I don't understand what's happening on my screen, what's broken in this game: gamepad settings, falling FPS(now i play minimal) or horrible lags? I can not block, parry, cgb, feint . I used to have no problems with third level bots before, but now I'm being beaten by the second one. I can not hit the target in front of me, if I made GB, then the character can push the other way or he go back and misses, he makes combos that I did not press or not react at all. From time to time I go to pvp to listen to what I'm noob, and why I did not yet leave match and delete the game.
And I think I should listen to their advice.
I really love this game, but it looks like the game is starting to get worse for players who already have problems.