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05-26-2017, 11:38 PM
My original post is here : http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1572926-My-wishlist-for-the-next-Far-Cry

1. More vehicles : After playing GHOST RECON WILDLANDS Far Cry seems poor , but better . I want vehicles like : Helicopters / Jets / Bikes / Cars / Tanks ( or armored vehicles )
1.) Amazing I got all I wanted , jets were too much but planes and new cars are amazing + Planes have weapons . ( check )

2. I want CO-OP : co-op like in FAR CRY 4 or DYING LIGHT , dont destroy the story for co-op like in GHOST RECON WILDLANDS .
2.) GOOD co-op like in Dying Light , amazing ( check )

3. NEW ENGINE : Maybe not a new engine but DUNIA 3 , with new animations , sounds , better graphics etc.
3.) The game looks fresh and amazing ( check )

4. Remove map limitations : Let us climb mountains like in GHOST RECON Wildlands , let us be free .
4.) Good we have planes so no map limitations ( check)

5. Take your time : Hope Ubisoft wont rush devs with this game .
5.) 2018 , good job Ubi you have time .

6. Make a good Story like in FAR CRY 3 , but with choices like in FAR CRY 4
6.) Looks good lets wait and see , and choices are confirmed + the story was gore like Far Cry 3. ( check )

7. Try to set it in a nice place , maybe in a place like FAR CRY PRIMAL , divers one , with snow and vegetation
7.) Montana , amazing really divers , thanks . ( check )

8. Character customization like in WATCH DOGS 2
8.) IS MORE THEN THAT , THANKS !! (check)

9. Bring back MAP EDITOR
9.) IS BACK ( check )

10. Called it Far Cry 5 , i am sick of devs that call there game : FAR CRY WILDLANDS OR HUNTING OR PRIMAL , make it simple , dont make it look like an Spin-Off , put it main in series .

(I think every Far Cry fan wants this , and will agree with me , my favorite games of all time are Far Cry games and i care about this series . Sorry for my bad english and good luck with the new game !
PS: We need wingsuits)
Well This seems like the perfect Far Cry for me , is a buy , I would like to see wingsuits , but wont be that bad is there are non , we have PLANES .

05-27-2017, 12:48 AM
The character customization seems pointless to me given that we'll be in first person the whole time. The clothes better give the character buffs or something to make them worth changing because it certainly won't be so we can look cool as we'll never see ourselves....

Awesome to hear that there are multiple choices for your melee weapon though, and hopefully each comes with a whole set of unique takedown animations. I think i heard someone say you can even pick up a pitchfork & throw it like a spear, I will do that at every opportunity!!!