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05-26-2017, 06:04 PM
I am all for the punishment system....but I am a little concerned about it. Like a Pug going against a pre-made team...so...here is a suggestion that I hope one of you moderators can pass along...

Can you update the matchmaking system to where pre-made parties (teams) go against each other? Same thing with people in any size party...they would be matched up with the same size as them...I know adding dynamics to the matchmaking system will slow it down a bit...but it would make for a more fun and balanced experience for everybody.

Also a big concern is that if the leader of the party gets mad and rage quits it takes the entire party with him....will the entire party be punished or just the leader?

What exactly are the punishments? No one has told us yet (unless I missed that part). Will it get worse the more they rage quit? Will we lose anything? Can it lead to a ban of some sort for habitual rage quitters? Will there be a internal timer that counts down the longer they go without rage quitting?

05-26-2017, 06:37 PM
That's the point :D ....
we don't know what this penalty is!
Do you know who are those people who are starting to cry and insult everything if a patch is announced? Those people are the ones who's mentality/mindset doesn't reach to the next day, those people are most of the time (like in the current case) the people who are adressed with the change - here the ragequitter, and now they popping out of their holes, because they can't "enjoy playing the game" (for those People, ragequitting with the biggest impact is their main goal/way to play this game). A disconnect after someone just leaving the match shortly befor it is over, takes away time, effort and ingame reward from those who try to play.

(don't wanna say that you are one of them, your reasoning sounds plausible)
I do understand what kind of problem you are adressing, but speaking in my case, i never had problems against pre-mades, there is not a real difference.
Gear aswell, doesn't play that much of a roll.
About matchmaking... for pairing pre-mades the current playerbase doesn't give that much of freedome.
But at least the could mix the teams after they chose a char.
As an example:
7 people in a lobby and 1 bot. (currently the games mixes the players befor they chose a hero)
3 gey gears and 4 max gear are chosen (and now the game should mix the groups)
Max - Max
Max - Max
Grey - Grey
Grey - Bot

But befor making suggestion we need to know how the penalty will look like and how it works.

Oh and about this Pre- Panic, just look back to patch 1.06.
Befor this patch dropped people did cry about Warden shoulder bash getting nerfed.
And after it happend, there was silence xD --- all that fuss for nothing