View Full Version : Centurion/Shinobi/Base hero ideas

05-26-2017, 03:42 AM
Ubisoft team.....and players....

I believe that Centurion is god awful. Now, in terms of god awful I refer to him being as predictable as a baby crying if you give him hot sauce. VERY predictable. SO i had some thoughts.
a.) be able to feint heavy attacks
b.) grant a guaranteed heavy if a kick connects (kicks are so easy to dodge, I mean.....come on ubisoft )
c.)Side dash and possible deflect. he IS a hybrid/assassin after all. )shinobi has hyper armor on backflip, zone attack and kick, and can knock people over, thats usually a feature associated with the heavy class

Shinobi is THE fastest hero in the game. IMO, the only thing needed to be fixed is this........
a.) eliminate ALL....hyper armored moves. Shinobi is a spamtastic hero, all i see is that freaking kick. I shouldnt be kicked by them 5x in a row, or over 20+ times in a single duel.
b.) Totally eliminate the slide. he is an ASSASSIN....hes not a heavy. If he keeps it Shugoki needs to have the oni charge back. Yes people abused it. Duh. Make recovery longer, and make it non-cancel. Easy fix.
c.) When a shinobi is CBG'd via long range, he recovers WAY too fast. That needs fixing.

Everything else is nice and dandy, but for real, Centurion was an overhyped joke. I regret getting the season pass for him.

Original heros need a complete remake to eliminate the turtle meta. Every move they do should chain into the next like water. Thats what i think.