View Full Version : UBISOFT when will the bot level change

05-26-2017, 02:12 AM
Yes I enjoy bots more then pvp for one I hardly have any drop outs and I just play for fun with some friends. Hopefully having Ubisoft in my title will get them to respond ;)

I have been playing since launch and the bots are still level 1 in duels and brawls?? Yes I lost a lot when I first played because I tried all characters, but I have many more wins then losses yet still level 1 bots??. The bots do vary between 1 and 2 on all other game modes

I would like the option to be put in if possible?? Also why do you get less xp when MM is off? if I search with it on it can take 10 minutes to find other players. Having multiple characters to level up is a massive grind when playing private with friends.