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05-25-2017, 11:18 PM
So Roman has asked for feedback about the orochi, let's bring some here.

One very interresting move that should be developped with the orochi is when he dodge back to prepare for a runned heavy attack.

Because the stance show you witch side the attack will come from, it's become a parry bait. The move is still very interresting.

You could consider three option:

1) keep it and hive the opportunity to switch the side of attack or even give to the orrochi a jumped attack.

2) make it a charged one to unblocable

3) same move with a light attack, witch would be much more quicker. It's more a counter attack.

The second move that should be developped is the attack where the orochi just make a step backward and comeback immediat'y with a top heavy.

I think this attack should be chainable after a side light blocked.

The idea is to give orochi player another tool than just top light combo and zone attack. Because side light are much more slow, it could be interresting to give them a usefull tool on it even when it's blocked.

Considering the whole FH fighting gameplay, I'm very surprised that an option on blocked attack is not given to the attacker while it's a whole part in fighting mechanics (warden guard hit on block, etc) but it's another debate 😊

Hope it'll help

05-25-2017, 11:49 PM
Thanks for leaving the feedback, Capoupacap! I'll make sure it gets forwarded to the team. Our official thread for the Orochi feedback can be found here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1675832-Orochi-Feedback-Post-Here).

05-25-2017, 11:54 PM
first of all we should ask ourselves what kind of gameplay we want for the orochi.

anyway i see two problems with the orochi: 1- no options, 2- no effective gameplay.

Back in beta storm rush could be canceled very late (just before the strike, and the running part covered more ground) giving the orochi the option to go for the damage, a gb or bait a parry; back then was considered op and so storm rush can now be canceled only in the first few steps. Considering that almost every other class has a mixup or a canceling mechanic i really don't see why storm rush cannot be reverted to the original version. (this alone could really improve the orochi not only making him more usefull but making him more fun)

Riptide strike is not only situational but very risky and not rewarding, you use it only to "show off", could be interesting if the startup of the move gave invulnerability like the startup of the hidden stance of the nobushi (this was suggested even in beta), and after a confirmed hit maybe give a free back dodge to reset (again like the nobushi ability to free dodge after a block). Better if you could change the direction of your attack or make the attack unblockable.

The deflect is ofc a joke, atm deflect mechanic is completly useless, the ability to deflect and go for a charged heavy that can be canceled doesn't compensate the risk of the move and the fact that even canceling for a guard break more often than not you will receive a light attack or a guard break yourself, against dodging attacks is completly pointless, so the defelect must be reworked and really i don't have an idea of what to do (the problem anyway isn't only of the orochi). I can at most think of a sort of crushing riposte done by deflecting, dealing massive damage very quickly (or a mix of damage and stun or stamina damage) for a well timed deflect but ofc such thing should have some kind of limitation (like the warden that can do that only on top attacks). Anyway deflecting should be preferable on assassins than parrying that's for sure, so deflects need to be powerfull.

Orochi needs something different to open the fight than top light / zone (imho zone attacks should be changed to not be so powerfull in duels anyway), a sort of improved feinting could be interesting being the orochi a counter attacker, maybe the ability to cancel a heavy into a light or a light into a special move could be interesting (ofc if failed should leave open the orochi for a punish).