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05-25-2017, 05:29 PM
We had a lot of chat about parry, but no one really talked about the thing that makes them possible, normally good players go to a sure parry (light parry) because they are not feintable (except nobushi) to do that they need to recognize them first, the problem is that in some animations you just cant recognize them until its too late, thats because the heavy animation is too similar with the light attack animation (all of this looked at a reciever end) and in the other side its the other way around, you can recognize them too early and go for a sure parry everytime.

I think some animations are fine but others needs a complete buff and others a nerf, i will begin with the ones that needs a buff:

1) Valk: The problem with valk is that its just too different, her lights are stabs and her heavys just make a arc, so you can just defend vs the heavys (to evade any kind of feint into GB) and just parry the lights attacks with really good timing, she needs a buff in the form of a more similar attack animation, she needs to make a similar move to the first frames of the heavys and then suddenly go to a stab

2) Nobushi: i will not take in mind the light - hidden stance - light light combo since it takes a lot of stamina to do and after that you are not really in a position to do nothing and just get parried.

The problem with nobushi is that she screams in a timed way and also her light attacks are stabs with a clear hip movement that one can easily recognize, i have near 90% parry chance with a nobushi light (the other 10% being packet loss between the players) Nobushi problem is more serious than Valk since she makes so much indicators of the parry timing, this also apply to the side step lights (that are more obvious than normal lights) and the back light attack.

Then we have the animations that are fine and are not too different but also not too similar:

The 3 Vanguards Raider, Warden and Kensei: All 3 of them have attack animations that have this traits, they are really well done in this sense, mostly raider.

And lastly we have attack animations that are just too similar and makes the top end gameplay of the character a spam of feints plus that attack:

The worst offender of this is Orochi, in top end play he just feints top heavy then do top light, this is because you cant really tell the difference between a heavy and a light of orochi until its too late, they mix this problem with the zone attack to make his one dimensional kit, since his dodge light attack its too easy too parry and the side lights too.

He needs a nerf in the form of a more clear animation, similar to the vanguards (also he needs buffs in the other move in a non animation way, he is just too 1 dimensional because of this advantage i already said in the form of the top heavy feint - top light animation)

I didnt mention other characters since i think you all already know in what category they are, i just mentioned the top picks of each one.

I hope someone from ubisoft can read this since its a very serious problem in some characters like nobushi and orochi.

05-25-2017, 05:33 PM
I would like to see more hit animations for simple hits ... same speed but more variety like a slightely different scale of the hit trajectory or something like that!

05-29-2017, 11:53 PM
I would like to see more hit animations for simple hits ... same speed but more variety like a slightely different scale of the hit trajectory or something like that!

They already have the combo animations, so that should be enough, if you have a lot of animations you just get lost :P.

(also we use the animation to do a parry, a lot of animations for a single same attack = we will miss parry a lot more)