View Full Version : Freezing in online games

05-25-2017, 11:20 AM
I was playing siege last night, the game was running smooth as always, constant 60fps (With Vsync). Woke up this morning and updated for the new patch. I started a game of scenarios (Basic CQB) and it worked fine while i was playing.
I joined a casual match and it worked as normal until the actual game loaded, It will work normally for about a second, then 0 frames for about 5-10, works for a second, then 0 frames again.
This just goes on and with the only fix being change to windowed and change back (I tried just staying in windowed and it didn't work i actually had to change it back). Worked for that round until boom started again the next round.
It has made the game completely unplayable. It's not my computer because every other game including other Ubisoft games.

I just want to play siege