View Full Version : Traps need a counter.

05-25-2017, 06:00 AM
Facing a team running this is personally ruining the game for me, and any fun I have when I sit down to play, and its happing a lot now. All the skilfull mechanics I enjoyed about this game seem to be taking more of a back seat to unblockable spam and cheese traps etc...

---A zerker (who can place 4 {possibly even more} that respawn every 45 seconds and 1 minute. Had the objective completely covered and could basically one shot you every time using this. I walked to the objective and could see all of them, but was powerless to take the objective. If you live through one they just retreat behind another.

---Warlords who just wait behind them and throw people off a ledge, yet you cant do a damn thing about it when you have spotted the trap.

--- Now with chars like shinobi, all of this cheese pretty much spells death from nail bombs, javelins whatever... Javelins/arrows are ok, because you actually have a chance to dodge, but the rest of it needs to be looked at.

There needs to be a way to disable these if you spot them very quickly (I dunno like rolling onto one disables it?). thoughts?