View Full Version : Is that how you deal with server load?

05-25-2017, 12:23 AM
Disconnects on PS4 was never a big issue, but since a couple of weeks it is getting insane:

1. You play your 4v4 then out of sudden a bunch of people get disconnected, usually leaving me and a couple of other guys in the game while the rest is replaced by bots.


2. Same thing happens and I am kicked out, as well, while the game is ongoing for people who don't get kicked (me and other being replaced by bots).

3. When this happens, for a span of approx. 10 minutes I find only matches with plenty of bots before it gets stable and the roster is fully loaded with human players.

4. After approx. 30 minutes, the behaviour repeats.

And no, the session owner didn't leave, and no, my inet connection is fine (and I guess it won't fail with 4-6 people at the same time by coincidence).

I am working in a similar field (no games programming) and to me it looks like some "cleansing" is happening to cut-off server-load peaks.

Who else can confirm this behaviour, maybe with videos or time being stopped to check if this there is some "pattern" in it?