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05-24-2017, 11:04 PM
Instead of tolerating the friendly AI's and the drone I have begun to use them tactically for some situations. For instance, I will set the rest of the squad AI's up as bait by commanding a stay near an outpost. When the bad guys charge I hit them from the flank.

The mission here was to destroy the drug smuggling submarine that was docked near that drawbridge on the river. I just tried this technique to test the game ballistics and penetration to see if it would work and it did. You can use your bino's or the drone to look for the bad guys and mark them. It puts a little orange circle about a foot above their head. It would be more realistic if the operators were wearing some sort of eye wear that could project the HUD (heads up display) but they didn't put that in the game. It is a pretty obvious realism step they should have done. Since there is even commercial tech to do such a thing these days I just pretend the team has it and proceed. Here is a picture of the situation.

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Anyway, I was way up on this platform on the bridge. The area around the target building was swarming with guards or Sicarios for the cartel. I had climbed the bridge and taken out the sniper there to basically 'take the high ground' after clearing out a few guards on the bridge to get access. So I sent down the drone and flew it into the building. There were two guards protecting a cartel mini-sub that was being used to smuggle cocaine from Bolivia to the USA. The mission was to destroy the sub with some C4. There were so many guards that if I tried to access the building I was sure to trip the alarms or guards. You may be able to get away with it - I know my limitations LOL. Then, after I identified and marked the guards I picked one and fired a short burst from the AK-12 assault rifle from the high platform through the sheet metal wall. The guard went down, no alarm yet, but the second guard was alerted and went to investigate. I let him approach the downed guard's position because they tend to freeze when they see something alarming. Then I sent a second short burst through the wall again. Down he went. I had tried, earlier, to swim under the edge of the building to access the submarine but the game would not allow me to do that completely obvious thing. You have to wonder sometimes what game dev's are thinking. Anyway, from up on the platform, I switched my drone to an explosive drone. A drone basically carrying a payload of C4. Flew it into the building and blew the submarine. Could have done that first but it was more fun this way and a good experiment in the game's ballistics and penetration.

That is why these 'free form' open world games are my favorite. You can try different approaches or think outside the box to solve a difficult mission task. There must have been 20 guards just swarming all around the dock area. After the mission was accomplished, and I got credit for it, then I called in the rebels for assistance. I sicked them and my crew onto the guards. I stayed high and used the G28 sniper rifle. Basically, acting like a battlefield commander if you will. It turned into a huge battle with bad guy reinforcements coming in. I used the overall visibility I had up high to call in rebel mortar strikes and sniped between mortar shots. We eventually wiped out the guards and the reserves they called in. Really fun mission if you ignore the HUD disconnect. Since it is possible to have a HUD like that now days I just ignored it and proceeded as if I did have a HUD projection device.

I used to put a lot of realism restrictions on games and was disappointed when the game broke some criteria I had set in my head. Eventually, I realized I was cutting myself off from a lot of fun by doing that. So, now days I just work around those items, try to use what the game has built in for my advantage and proceed. I found I have a lot more fun that way and get more value out of my game purchases.

05-26-2017, 12:20 AM
Some of my favorite posts are when players break down their thought processes to complete a mission because it can be so different per situation. I like this and how you are able to make these your own.