View Full Version : Character Reviews: Shinobi and Centurion

05-24-2017, 03:40 AM
Man, I'm loving playing and fighting these new characters. I'll just say that right now. Overall I think they are mostly balanced with a few changes needed here or there. I want to just say that I've player both characters (mostly Shinobi) but will try to leave out as much bias as possible here. Anyway, here's my thoughts.

Shinobi: Shinobi is probably my favorite character right now. He's super fun to play, he's got a super cool looking moveset and is probably just the coolest character outright. But let's talk balance. Overall, I think Shinobi is pretty balanced. He's got a string moveset with a low health pool and very little defensive options to compensate for it. Shinobi is the literal interpretation of a glass cannon. Offense is the best defense. That being said, I'm glad he's somewhat counterable. You can cgb his ranged GB and pretty easily Parry his attacks. With that being said, the kick is probably his strongest move. Do I think this kick should work like this? Well, yes and no. The thing with the kick is, it's his only real opener. That being said, I think it needs just a bit more recovery time so he can be more easily punished for missing it and not just backflip out of the way. So overall, I think he's decently balanced as of now. He's got a strong moveset that is fairly balanced with low health and little defense. Overall I think he's a great addition to the game for veteran players.

Centurion: Where should I start here? Centurion is a great character. He looks awesome and his combos are crazy cool looking. In duels I think he's fairly balanced. Great combos that punish mistakes but he's also very counterable. 4v4 is sadly a total different situation. He's...well, I don't want to say broken, but he's way too strong. His combos are way too much in a team based fight. He can almost infinitily combo people to death with the help of others. This definitely needs to be looked at, but in a way that keeps him viable in 1v1 scenarios.

All in all, I love both characters. They are fun to play and mostly fun to fight against. They have their ups and downs but I think with some minor tweaks they can be some of the best additions to this game yet.