View Full Version : Group fix suggestions and P2P queries

05-24-2017, 02:17 AM
Just a couple of suggestions for the PS4 version of for honor

(don't know if the same issues for PC and XBONE)

*The group functionality is good currently but the ability to join a friend midgame needs to be added.....think ala battlefield 1 joining a friend. I'll explain myself below

(You can join mid game via the ps menu and highlight your friend and hit join and alternatively in game you can join your squad aka 'group' in game, if the lobby is full you'll be placed in a queue).

You could also let the cue become spectators for the match, sure does beat a loading screen).

*Whilst trying to find a game via the matchmaking system it would be great to have the functionality to use your character screen to pass the time, not available currently.

*As a group leader with two of my mates midgame I've experienced another player in the game to leave and cause the game to end ultimately disbanding the group.
Another instance as the group of three, my friend has been disconnected from the game and placed into another game on his own with other bots and myself and another friend have continued in the original game only to have my friend as group leader leave his game pulling us two out of our game as the group was disbanded due to him leaving his game, the group however was completely disbanded. Has anyone else experienced this?


06-21-2017, 03:17 AM
Anyone from the dev team care to comment? Do it for the love of the Vikings :-)