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05-23-2017, 10:35 PM
The new season 2 Heros seem a little difficult to defeat. Since they've been out for about a week I think we can start talking about them. See if people agree whether or not they need buffs/nerfs in some areas. I got a little used to fighting them but I have to say that they both can easily drain your stamina within a short period of time. As for Shinobi, I think i recal him being able to drain my stamina completely with two kicks. There was this rep 1 shinobi and everytime I fought him I could never kill him (only once and thats because i was able to gaurdbreak him twice wuith being able to get 2 heavies. I'm a rep 16 lawboi and I think it's completely stupid how a rep 1 shinobi can defeat me with compltete ease just by jumping around draining my stamina then then going to town on me (he wasn't that good because he couldn't counter my gaurdbreaks everytime i gaurdbroke him i'd get 1 heavy) Since he can't even counter my breaks that leads me to think that he's not very good at the game, but his hero's completely untouchable for me sometimes. especially when they just simply know his moveset.You can't punsih his dodge dodge kick but you can (Sometimes) dodge it. I remember a shinobi who slid underneath me when we were in a narrow area then he did backwards PK kick and i was all out of stamina (somehow) then he was able go in and **** me. Maybe I;m badbut No hero in this game (even when i was new so i didn't understand how everyone worked) has ever left me in awe by how naturally OP(yes i said op you can lynch me now). I hate to use that word because it gets tossed around but everyone and their mother knows that some aspects of cent/shinobbles is too strong. They just came out a week ago they def won't be balanced cause Jewbisoft won't spend lot's of money testing them and they want the new heros to be a tad OP in some way so that more people would want the season pass/buy steal to purchase them. It's not a new buisness idea League of Legends does it sometimes when new champs come out. It just seems like whenever someone plays the centurion/shinobi they do fairly good even after 1 week of fighting them every game you'd get used to them a little. So if everyone who plays the new characters do that well is it just a coincidence? Or is there something about them that makes people do good with them? I don't know obviously this is bias to some degree but i've spoke with my friends and they can agree with me even though they just started using them. I could be trash that could be truw but i want to hear abbout other people's opinions on the new heros and what they think should be buffed/nerfed. Ever since s2 came out I just haven't really enjoyed the game yet,

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Eh I've been fighting both with my warden after a week of getting shinobi to rep 1,other than the fact that shinobi was the reason I was finally motivated enough to work on my cgb (thanks by the by) I've not had much problem with them but then I know the moveset.

The whole the character is only a week old a player should not be good argument is not really one that stands up by the by. If it were tekken where a new hero would have a combination all over the buttons that no other character has had before it and you have to learn it to do good damage, it would be fair enough, but speaking for the shinobi in terms of his moveset (not played as centurion) if you know shoulder bash all you need to do is add an extra dodge, if your character has forward dodge heavy like the peacekeeper, that's part of the shinobi's largest damage chain. Basically what I am saying is if you know basic game mechanics,for the shinobi at least, it is not a steep learning curve.People completely new to the game I would see struggling. Your rep 1 shinobi opponent might have been a rep 10 warden or peacekeeper and parts of the moveset overlap it nicely.