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05-23-2017, 08:42 PM
hi, after some time playing battlefield 1 that got ruined by pathes i wanted to try other games.
i bought few assassins creed games with xmass sale in 2015 and sunday i started playing ac unity again.
i renovated the building and i saw an awesome armor in a cage so i looked it up.
so in 2 days i got all fragments and today i tried the 3 doors. 2 are completed but then...
the steam thing fails every time. its frustrating as hell and i cant complete it.
i need help from ubisoft to skip this mission for me.
with my anger i cant complete it and not even after 50 tries. the controlls suck and most times the character dont even move when i press something.
both controller and mouse and keybord fails. its nice if you can make things like that but why it never works properly?
and yes you can say ppl completed it but they are fanatic assassins creed gamers. i bought it in 2015 and i started it again not. in december 2016 i made it too 10% storyline.

if i think about it all games are bad if you play other gerne most. i play most times fps games and its going fine but if i want to make fun in other gernes its all anger and frustration.
in mmorpg, in racing games like the crew. and now this. i cant even have fun in other gernes becouse everything is difficult.

if i do freerunning with the char in city and i sprint he often go to objects i think wtf why you climb on it i cant even sprint without those fails.

05-23-2017, 08:47 PM
OMFG i tried again and i made it i got the armor i am shaking... unbelieveable

05-23-2017, 09:58 PM
I'm glad you got it :)

It feels so much better when we finally achieve something we think is impossible. when we do not give up. :)

I had difficulty doing the timed lever tombs in AC2 it took over 200 tries but I did it :)