View Full Version : Is MM depend on your winrate?

05-23-2017, 06:14 PM
I dont wanna sound cocky or anything but I wanna adress something that I expereience last 2 days especialy. I played cent a lot since release and I am rep9 cent and I play -lets say not bad-. When I was playing only solo my mm system was ok sometimes good teammates sometimes bad teammates nothing special. But then I started playing with team and we are steamrolling everyone. After that when I solo que I literally get really bad teammates. (I am playing elimination btw)
Not kidding 8/10 matches I kill my enemy then I get ganked by 3 ppl. Most of my match end score is 2 0 kill teammate or something. First I was thinking bad luck but that much?
Is there a system like put a high winrate to a team and put low winrate/rankeds to his team?
It is really annoying to solo que now. If that was dominion I could say maybe I am doing something wrong but when I get ganked at elimination the moment I kill my enemy or while I am still fighting really makes me thing.