View Full Version : Tactical HUD

SIR Phist
05-22-2017, 07:31 PM
These are all my settings for a tactical HUD.

Preset Custom
Teammates in ads OFF
Xp display OFF
Intel hud ON
Input reminders OFF
Contextual actions OFF
Crosshair OFF
Minimap OFF
Detection clouds OFF
Enemy & rebel OFF
Objective markers OFF
Communication markers ON
Items & location markers OFF
Alert markers OFF
Sync shot OFF
Ammo & items ON
Mission reminders OFF
Hints OFF
Notifications OFF
Team info OFF

Most HUD elements are not visible to me. Especially enemy markers, sync shot indicators, minimap, as well as the arcade-ish notifications which provide celebratory parade music, visible fireworks, and naked sexy women dancing designed to make you feel accomplished for securing contents in a weapon case and other normal behaviors such as successful mission completions.