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05-22-2017, 03:05 PM
Does anyone use this stat either maxed or second highest? I could see people using balanced if they want no negative stats, but I just cant find a reason to go positive with Execution health regen and negative with Revive Speed or Attack.

Unless Im wrong, it seems like one of the weakest if not the worst stat to go towards. Theres not another stat that I can easily say "I really dont need this" except Execution Health Regen. Im thinking it could use a buff of some sort or be eliminated for a better stat like Feat Cooldown and Sprint speed were.

Love to hear if people have had success making build focusing on Execution health regen.

05-22-2017, 03:09 PM
I have the execution stat maxed out. My Nobushi uses the quick revive speed so I'm negative in that regard. I have really fast revives and I can get 3 bars back for an execution.

05-22-2017, 03:23 PM
I usually gear for exec health regen. Getting more attack is ok, but I never go for revive speed. The window for revives just isn't big enough to be useful and it doesn't help if you need to carry a team.

05-22-2017, 03:29 PM
Revive speed is always my last consideration, I have max Attack then Execution Regen second. To me that seems like a no brainer. If you're my enemy and you're dead, then my Attack did it's job and I don't really care so much about getting health, there are other ways. If you're my team mate and you're dead, stop dying ;) I'm not going to gimp myself to bring dead people back to life when they can respawn.

05-22-2017, 03:34 PM
I suppose ive been use to the quick revive speed as it has been clutch for me many times. The difference is very clear between negative and even balanced revive speed.

I havent tested how much Execution health regen differs but even with it negative, im pretty sure im still getting 1/3 or 1/4 health. And with it maxed, I doubt it gives 90-100% health back which would make it worth the investment.

Theres more ways to get health regen through feats, boosts, or holding zones, where as pure Attack and Revive speed I think would be harder to compensate for.

Personally as a Nobushi, I wouldnt go Execution Health regen, as like I said, theres to many ways to get health regen to ignore. Killing Minons, Second Wind, The feature that brings you to max health, and how anyone can regen through boosts, dominon zones and the base execution health regen that everyone gets.

05-22-2017, 04:12 PM
i don't plan on getting hit so i don't worry about execute regain plus i use valk and i use her lights more so i don't get the execute that much. i would much rather revive my teammates quicker and it does help.

05-23-2017, 02:19 AM
I've heard of some players building into revive speed so that they can become battle medics. According to them it works surprisingly well.

05-23-2017, 03:22 AM
I've heard of some players building into revive speed so that they can become battle medics. According to them it works surprisingly well.

Nobody stays dead unless they're executed, if you have the big muthaShugger walking around with revive speed stats + speed revive T1 feat. It's actually a bit OP levels of "quick revive".... sort of like when children play a game, and when a kid is "dead", some other kid comes and says, "tag! you're ok!" and the "dead" kid just gets right up.

It's that fast.... :rolleyes:

08-06-2018, 03:16 PM
Health regen is most likely for egocentric player types.
For Dominion revive speed is a pretty crucial stat. The drawback is that you don't get much health after a normal execution. Clearing a spot or long executions can however provide some sufficient HP to make up for that. I have it almost on all of my builds and it helps in the crucial moments tremendiously. Much more than some percentages more health.
For my Highlander since he trades a lot and since he is slow he has to get some health more health back during executions. But atm I prefer to just sacrifice some small damage output of 1-2 points to profit from a balanced increase (the + 0 0 stat would also be an option but those pieces are usually outperformed by the overall gains of a balanced gear piece).

And of course there are some characters that can somewhat counter the negative effects of neg. revive speed by using the feat faster revive. Those can actually choose the best from the two worlds and focus more on their damage increase whilst having good health regen and ok revive speed. I however would still prefer going for revive speed in most cases as team orientated play usually outperformes any solo-centered option.

08-06-2018, 03:30 PM
I've heard of some players building into revive speed so that they can become battle medics. According to them it works surprisingly well.

These would be the players that have a hard time with attacking but want to still be useful. Although in dominion if you cant attack to stay alive, you aren't really giving me any more revives than before.

08-06-2018, 04:11 PM
I play as nobushi and for main build i go with +Att -exec -revive.
- revive is Because when i play in dominion i almost never get into situations where i need to revive someone and enemies around. Ether all enemies are dead and i can revive teammate nicely, or I'm on the other side of the map from all the ganking, doing something usefull.
Few times when i needed i just went unnoticed and revived someone behind the backs of enemies. Can count on fingers of one hand moments where i could use more revive speed, so It is not worth it for me. And not taking that perk either, for the same reasons.

- exec. Because its dominion. You can heal up on zones, you can heal up on minions, you can heal up with Second Wind. Why buff questionable healing method, that even wont be buffed that much. It will heal nice enough even with minus in stat.

So just more Attack on this piece.