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05-22-2017, 12:11 AM
To stop a convoy with the minimum damage to the high value target (HVT) this is the method that works best for me.

Ready the EMP Drone and set your assault rifle to rifle grenade mode. The rest of the squad should be on regular bullet mode for mop up.

Set up a half klick or so ahead of the convoy. Using helo is the best method as it doesn't alert the guards if you stay away from the convoy as you fly past it. You can do it with other vehicles by driving ahead of them but you run the chance of alerting the guards ahead of time and speeding up the convoy.

When the convoy is around 300m out launch the drone and fly it to the HVT. Detonate the drone.This will temporarily stop the HVT's engine. Note - If on a down hill slope it could roll on for quite a way.

Hit the escorts with rifle grenades aiming for the end of the vehicle furthest from the HVT. This is to limit damage to the HVT from the grenades. It is possible to take out both escorts with one shot each. Usually mop up is pretty easy at this point.

Kill the guard in the HVT, scare the driver out.

Put a beacon on the truck and get max points for it!

You need to do this fairly smoothly. The EMP burst only disables the truck temporarily. In real life it would be as dead as a brick, but hey, it's a game. So you need to get the beacon on the truck before the driver can restart and drive off. Getting the driver into submission will also keep him from restarting the truck.
Be careful with those nades, it is easy to get them too close to the HVT but quite possible to do it as described. Usually I aim for the road in front of the lead escort and behind the trailing escort. This approach will usually shield even a fuel truck from the blast.

Get out there and rack up some points!

05-22-2017, 12:27 AM
Nice method!

05-24-2017, 08:37 PM

Want to add that is there is a helicopter I hit it first with a rifle grenade, then the escorts.