View Full Version : A solution to Rage quitting issue

05-21-2017, 12:33 PM
While we still wait for a proper connection stability, here is a proposal about Rage quitting or simple quitting solution.

While we know rage quitting sanction is under work, I think there is another option that we should give to player. Gaming is firstly a hobby and it could be interrupt by any life issue the player could get and that force him to stop playing. We could call that simple quitting...

On the other hand, rage quitting could be considered has a valid option for a player to make the game crash.

About Simple quitting:

If a player want to stop playing during the game, a valid option could be to offer a transition during the game to reorganized the P2P.

An AFK solution could also be considered, the player is simply replaced by a bot during the AFK standing.

An Abandon option could also be a solution.

So basically, the work here is to find a solution where a player that doesn't or cannot finish his game for any reason has a valid option to quit the game without disrupt the match. It's a valid option for a social gaming.

In my situation I early quit for a single issue, if 2 player from my group get disconnected at the beginning of the game. A abandon solution could be a valid option to this issue.

About Rage quitting:

If a player use any option to voluntary make the game crash: program quit, internet unplugged, hardware forced crash or anything else....he get a sanction of 15minute without play.

An option that I would like to see in the matchmaking when the rage quitting punishment will be released, is the possibility to exclude any game with player concern by a high ratio of rage quitting.

05-21-2017, 12:52 PM
The game has a **** ton of problems i ghet end game crashes or game freezez and if by some miracle lets say you dont ghet d/c coz how bad another players connection is then you will d/c if some guy leaves and host migration pops up if i ghet 15 min cd coz the game crashed for me then that will help me uninstal it ! so yeah that sounds like a good ideea !