View Full Version : A look over the shoulder, where we are and where we are going

05-21-2017, 08:41 AM

After short look over the shoulder things are not beautiful atm, but it could be worse and there was improvement at some parts of the game.
With last patch FPS and stability overall are improved, when host leave the game, match is not over and new host is selected so we are not all thrown back to menu. Last 3 days i didn't get a single disconnect. New maps are nice, very nice indeed. Just took a look at stats and player base improved by 30% compared to period before the patch and its pretty much constant since the patch released.
Still the main issue is balance, there are a lot of threads about balance, and we are all aware that game need hero and mm balance, as soon as possible. Lets hope it will be solved and look forward to new great thing on the way. It would be good i believe to give community or at least some part of the community, time and chance to test new heroes before they are released, maps or gameplay mechanic where proper feedback and rework can prevent issues that we have now.