View Full Version : Shinobi should have a greater recovery time after his kicks

05-20-2017, 11:11 PM
Shinobi just got buffed in the most recent hotfix. Now, he no longer gets punished as heavily for getting his long ranged gb countered or his ranged heavy getting parried. On top of that, Shinobi's kicks are very hard to dodge and if they hit, he gets a free heavy. Because of how powerfull this kick is, logic would dictate that it is punishable, right? No, it is not. if you dodge the kick, you don't get to punish the Shinobi. This means that the Shinobi will stay at range, hitting you with ranged heavies, and can spam his kick with no risk to him whatsover. Its literally free heavies for days. So, because of how hard the kick is to dodge and how powerfull it is, can we PLEASE have the opportunity to punish Shinobi in some way for the kick.