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05-20-2017, 03:25 PM
Anyone else notice this trend of people complaining the game is P2W/not skill based, blah blah blah, then turn around and whine cause Ubisoft "killed their gear" and the normalization is ruining the game for people who spent time/money to outfit their heroes?

Is it too hard to ask for some consistency with these arguments? It's one thing if you have adapted your opinion based on new/newly realized facts and logic, that's cool. But don't change the paradigm of your argument to fit a rhetoric just to try and get your win.

05-20-2017, 04:22 PM
Almost no one complains about gear normalization and diminishing returns on higher level gear.
Personally I love it and it was the only good change coming from this whole gear mess.

People are complaining about spending a ton on gear that was completely changed around (without anyone asking for it or bringing anything new to the game). Whats more, it reduced gear choices even further, as defense is now unniversally useless, since some moron developer decided it would be a good idea to have 3 maxed defense gear pieces be nullified/ countered by ONE piece with a SECONDARY attribute of penetration.

These changes was an obvious attempt to increase the already big gear steel sink. It was the most grindy unfun part of the game, and Ubi thought it was a good idea to just make it worse.

Personally I wish gear was simply for visuals, just remove all this useless grinding minigame. This isnt a mobile game.

That's a consistent complaint. If you can't grasp it, you are beyond reasoning.

05-20-2017, 08:17 PM
how do you know it's the same people saying those things?