View Full Version : Increased hero diversity options| More Customizations | More rewards for leveling!

05-20-2017, 03:18 PM
Something i was thinking about, a way to increase the options for each hero greatly as well as increase the diversity in the ways people can play the heroes.

The basic is simple: Currently each hero has one of the following 4 callings:


You are currently a set type, regardless of playstyle. Now is my idea to both increase the list of callings (to fit more play styles) and give people options to choose what type of hero their account is.
First if the list of callings as i envisioned it:

Defender (former heavy).

All heroes are their default type, which the player starts with. Nothing will change in regards to these types.
With each Reputation level the player gains they receive a "Key". This key can unlock a calling on any hero they have unlocked (payed the 500 steel for default heroes, 15K for DLC heroes). The player can select which calling they unlock for said hero, and gain the option to set their hero's type to said calling.

With each calling they gain an additional 12 feats, depending on the unlocked calling.
These feats will be in line with the unlocked calling, with their current set-up tied to the current calling each hero has.
To unlock the new feats the hero has to be the equivalent level of what they would need to be to unlock a feat normally + the hero needs to be the the veteran level equal the number of callings unlocked.

Default Normal feats will be unlocked from level 1-20.
Feats for your first chosen calling will be unlocked from Reputation 1, level 1-20.
Feats for your third chosen calling will be unlocked from Reputation 3, level 1-20
Feats for your last calling will be unlocked from Reputation 4, level 1-20.
Or the player can pay for the feats in steel, though that would cost quite a lot.

When changing from your default Calling there will be some changes with your character in regards to performance.
Going defender means a decrease in offense and an increase in defense.
Going Assassin means a decrease in defense and an increase in offense.
Going Vanguard means all our stats will be balanced.
Going Hybrid means a mix of the two main features from said hero:
Nobushi (default Hybrid) = Vanguard + Assassin.
Lawbringer (default Hybrid) = Vanguard + Defender.
Valkyrie (default Hybrid) = Assassin + Defender.
Shugoki (default Heavy) could be Heavy + Assassin (High damage, low defense, but a lot of defensive feats)
Peacekeeper (default Assassin) could be Assassin + Vanguard, Nobushi style
Kensei (Default) Vanguard) could become a Vanguard + Defender. Decent offense but a lot tougher to kill.

Last would be the Support. They would gain a big decrease in both their offense and their defensive stats, but as a trade-off their stamina consumption is extremely low, as well as their Feat cooldown time.
Hero's like the Lawbringer could play bomberman all day, Raiders could be throwing people around like no tomorrow, The Orochi could place quite a few bombs around the battlefield and shoot arrows with their longbow, while other have a lot of access to feats like self revive and banners to boost their allies.

The feats each hero for certain callings depend on said hero and said calling.
A Shugoki won't be getting the Stealth feature as an Assassin (for obvious reasons), nor will a Peacekeeper get the Rock Steady (Shugoki) passive.
New feats would be optional, and most likely necessary, but it would increase the options for diversity quite a bit.