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05-20-2017, 02:54 PM
Do you even test your new character before dropping them online or you just say "It must be good like that, if it's unplayable we gonna change it in one month, during that, if they are totally unbeatable well get ****ed."

This is a presentation of my last game vs centurion and shinobi.

Centurion : Ultra turtle, One parry, always the same follow up, "Heavy, Punch, Heavy on ground" 50% of HP lost, Wait and do it again exept if he has a wall behind him, in that case, just continue the combo and he gonna die whatever he try to do"

Shinobi : Forward Dash Kick Success, heavy unblocable and back dash before you can respond, Forward dash kick fail, back dash and restart until it work, and dont forget to change it for a gard break time to time to keep the adversary in doubt.

I really don't understand what pass through your mind when you decide to release two new character without even make them test by the player on a ****ing PTU Server like... i dont know, EVERY ALL ****ING GAME IN THE ****ING WORLD, now we gonna have to endure your lack of judgment and laziness for one month or even more until you patch it....

So now, i have take a decision, it's bad but you don't give a **** because you don't even have patch this yet even if we ask you to do it since what.... THE ****ING BETA... I gonna quit every game vs centurion and shinobi. i refuse to pay for your mistake.

And i really dont understand how you can still make money while treating your community like ****.

05-20-2017, 03:21 PM
i made a big misstake spending money on this game, huge potential, but these nerfs and buffs and all the ****in changes they dont even let you know... really makes it unbearable. i am actually getting more mad, than happy. becuz. mo matter what i do, my oppenents skills are just superior. i have to put alot more effort to adapt, than vice versa... it is just inbalanced. it just show me how bad this game actually is.

i payed money to get gear and upgrade my gear , now they all useless.. and i was forced to dismantle them...

look *******s, Your greedyness, actually kills your game. BYE BYE

05-20-2017, 04:19 PM
But we need to see the good side, at least, the studio who develop a for honor like actually see exactly what they have to do to succeed.

-Public beta on 6 month to have the time to collecting data and balancing the game before launching it and testing the network and not just using the beta as a demo to boost the sale.

-PTU for testing new feature and character 2 or 3 month before the official release

-True Network architecture with reconnecting to lobby, autoshearch for new player to replace the leaver to not have to remake new lobby each time.

-No character with 50/50 technique and unbreakable combo who don't let you a chance to cancel it. (like the Valkyrie shield bash on revenge the centurion fist bump on wall etc etc etc)

- A TRUE TRAINNING SYSTEM with selection of what technique the IA must use or not to train versus specific technique and not pray for the IA to use them sometime.

and many other thing i forget.

and bam best game of the year.

05-20-2017, 04:59 PM
i'am not defending ubisoft here , i **** on them in my post all the time

i do like the concept of the Cent and i can't wait to play it , i defeated a lot of them with either raider and Nobushi so i do think Cent is not that bad balance wise and that's strickly 1v1 the only mode i can about

as for Shinobi abviously he is broken that kick needs few tweaks and he will be good to go