View Full Version : No balance gentlemans from UBI, no balance...

05-20-2017, 11:13 AM
Just for your info, don't think you did any balance with Cent and Shinobi with last patch and silly nerf, just played a match where i couldn't do absolutely anything vs those heroes, Its simple there is no way to block evade or do anything to spam moves at the end both of them raped me and i couldn't move, so don't be surprised if people keep complaining about this characters. Maybe the best way before full release is to call some players to play, observe, balance and after that release the new characters, because atm game was never so far away from balance as it is now, there are Warden and both new characters problem that will keep players away from game. Please understand that there are characters who are forgotten, and left in the past with few simple moves and cant at any universe and under any circumstances match new heroes with 24/7 spam chains, or Warden plague at the game.