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05-20-2017, 04:32 AM
As the title says and here's why....

1. 30fps and people play assassins and spam light attacks with no penalty to their stamina.....because they know they're almost unblockable.

2. Constant disconnects even though I have a wired connections, 150 down and 25 up and a green open NAT but yet I still constantly get disconnected.( don't even try to say open your ports because I don't have to because I don't have a firewall on my modem)

3. Too much crowd control with new characters with no diminishing returns so people just spam it.

4. Terrible P2P netcode and it shows when somebody quits.

5. Nerf to revenge again.....so the ganking is even worse now after the second nerf.

I'm sorry Ubisoft but next gen has be terrible for you guys.......

05-20-2017, 10:15 AM
Hi don that, here is a couple of solution on console that actually HAS a deep impact on general console playability.

Solution against this 30FPS choice:

1) wired you gamecontroler

2) set your television on Gamemode

3) If you have an elite controler, what you definitely should consider, set the right stick to Instantaneous option. If you don't use the dead zone option inside FH menu

About disconnection

1) check the port to be sure basic configuration actually fit to FH playing

2) Try to play in a group of player that are in the same region than you. I play from belgium and have much more issue if a play with a group leader that is in south of france than a North one

3) Xbox one connection is still an issue for the dev for an unknown reason (we would like to know why BTW). There are working on......

Damian Kain
05-20-2017, 10:48 AM
Gotta love that. I guess noone is set to For Honor ports huh? The issue is not always the players. In some games that is acceptable but in this one the fault lies with Ubisoft. The game is unplayable most of the time. Players not running net in the same room have issues all the time. God forbid you have to try and lower yourself to the poor mans wal mart net right? I pay plenty to run my XBOX at 200mbps and For Honor is the ONLY game I get kicked from matches due to errors. For a long time I took videos and screenshots of every time I was booted then I took a picture of my network stats for Ubi and they as usual failed to put it all together and realize its not just me having the issues. When a solid third or more of the current players still have connection bugs you can stop pretending it is their connection. If the game had remained played by the larger audiance there would be alot more complaints. We got hosed by Ubisoft on this one. They can't fix the problems they try but they are either too stupid or too chap to figure it out.

As to the first points the issue at hand is the game is not optimized for console at all. It is barely optimized. Many attacks are unpunishable due to the right stick limitations. You see it alot with PK and now ALL the time with Shinobi. Having videos of having guard up in the direction of an attack is great to prove that it is not just user error but a bug with the game.