View Full Version : This game and Forum Community is sad....

05-20-2017, 03:51 AM
Broken frames for console (yup literally you can block and know whats coming and block but not block because of balance only for pc 60fps and not console 30fps)

Bad Online Only Decision. Also I got news for you whiners about servers THERE WILL NEVER BE SERVERS THAT WOULD REQUIRE THEM TO RE-CODE THE ENTIRE GAME.

Crappy Physics (if this game actually has physics at all it seems like a compilation of code) is so bad I feel like the GD bubble boy trying to fighting in 4 v 4

constantly changing the game for the forum whiners, which is at best 2 % of the total people that play this game. Every patch you gotta learn how to fight based on whats changed it doesn't even feel like fighting it feels more like a timing game and knowing which moves take x amount of time and when to use them. More frustrating than fun to play

devs must be their first game because the design decisions are sad, seriously removing the centurions shield because of the complainers of turtle meta? I mean FFS his model still looks like he is holding his GD shield, what is he Jackie Chan ready for some kung fu?
- No faction specific classes ( NO WONDER the games are filled with usually 3-4 classes out of 14 atm) also that leads to utter lack of the story having any impact or feeling to the multiplayer portion which is what you guys turned this pile of crap into a MMO MOBA.

Obviously it was too much to ask for a decent medieval fighting game with interesting fighting mechanics.

As for the community I been reading these forums since the game came out with its red Nat problems. Most people either come here to complain, berate, or argue. Once in awhile someone comes with a good post but its small and so diverse in opinions its hard to get any actual good decision making done by them.

My biggest beef though is with you Ubisoft and Forum mods, I make a decent post about offline mode asking for some feed back if you would make it happen (not a bad suggestion IMO for those who want to play but can't during certain times this game is unplayable) NOTHING THE THREAD dies but if I Make a B@M thread i saw like 11 ****ing ubisoft on page 1 replying to every complaint.

All I can say is I spent 100 on this pile of crap that will die and turn into a paper weight, and I will never do it again for your games ubisoft, I just bought Assassins Creed Syndicate for 15 brand new still wrapped *thumbs up* thank you. and that's how much your games will be worth to me until you change direction.

ALSO FYI to all those posters who want a class action lawsuit for broken internet. You got better chances of grouping together and filing a lawsuit to make it illegal to sell in game currencies (which has no intrinsical (natural) value) They are literally printing paper fing money and laughing at you while they rob you for your real money. Not to mention they design a whole pay 60 dollars game on a gacha system so they can rob you. But no... will never happen kids don't understand the value of time or their money these days.