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05-20-2017, 02:22 AM
With all the ***** screaming for nerfs, I felt this needed to be said: the new characters are fine the way they are(at least for now). Im seeing a ton of the new characters in all game modes and at the moment they are very beatable, while I don't win every time I have a very high probability to beat them in a fair fight in almost every circumstance. I believe this to be the way it should be, my main is a rep 19 Raider and the new characters at the moment aren't much higher than rep2. I like everyone else are square in the middle of the learning curve of either defending against or offending towards some completely new skills that came with the new heroes. Thanks to Ubi for adding new content to an already limited format game, thats not easy but I'm happy with the results. Having said that, I'm reserving judgment towards some of the moves that they came with until we see some higher rep versions down the road, I can see Shinobi being pretty hard to catch up with once mastered...lol. I see very little difference to Raider since a light buff but the guard change speed is very welcome. Only complaint I have at this time is the absence of the Highlander actually....;) Keep up the good work and please ignore the grumblings, its the only way to force players to learn new skills both offensively and defensively, its been a few days, you shouldn't expect to know how to defend against completely different actions in mere hours.

And no I'm not a pro, just an average player at best that has embraced the grind.

05-20-2017, 02:39 AM
Thanks for the love! The team will be glad to hear that their hard work is being appreciated :D
We get that there are probably certain things about the new heroes that may need looking at, but we won't be rushing into any knee-jerk decisions.

Hopefully we'll be able to address your one complaint with the next DLC! :>

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So basicaly op calls us tards and kisses Ubisoft *** and the moderator cheers him ! Wow, they desperately need some possitive feedback no matter what :))

He even BUMPS the post :))

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Whenever I hear somebody say "everything is wonderful" I always think of that Everclear song, not that it's necessarily relevant (or is it? :p).


05-20-2017, 08:34 PM
Ofc they are beatable....
Did u play Dark souls ?
First run ornstein and smough were beatable, but u cant talk of balance between u and them.
Ok this example is a little bit hard, but it's kinda true.
Compared to centurio and shinobi characters like kensei or zerker are a joke.
Im playing valk and i just feel like a bad version of the centurion.
My bash is slower than his kick doesnt drain stamina.
My sweep doesnt drain stamina too my recovery is a joke also my dmg from the heavy top is just bad compared to centurio.
He has several engages and can open turtles i haven't.
The only thing i have is a shield Tackle everyone can dodge. But hey i can dash out of it into a gb what mostly works 1 time and gives me another laughable heavy top...

So conclusion: my Main dies and i will play Cent in the Future. He is just the better valk who is trash compared to this....

05-20-2017, 10:33 PM
Since the new patch (I think it was 1.07.1?) the new characters are now balanced.
Like you said, there are still things you have to look at - but I have this feeling "old" For Honor is back.

Its fun again! Thank you Ubisoft!

05-21-2017, 02:21 AM
So basicaly op calls us tards and kisses Ubisoft *** and the moderator cheers him ! Wow, they desperately need some possitive feedback no matter what :))

He even BUMPS the post :))

Sorry but I'm not kissing anyones behind, I've nothing to gain for it. Someone needs to start saying the truth to counter act all the nerf everything propaganda. BTW, aren't you late for an anti Trump rally or something snowflake?

05-21-2017, 02:27 AM
Let's try not to start a flame-war here guys.

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