View Full Version : Dominion Game Mode Dead

05-19-2017, 11:37 PM
An addition to my earlier post about the fall of this game after the release of the DLC. Dominion was my favorite along with Duels to play. But because of the release of the two new "characters" is has been unable to play. For a well experienced team with a Shenobi and Cent. It is almost impossible to counter them during a battle unless it is 1v1 encounter. Which is hardly the case with Dominion.

Then your only hope is revenge.. NOT!.. after the new configuration of gear stats, it almost to have a balance character who can survive against a team of, unblockable kicks and punches to put you on the ground while the rest of them lay overhead heavies to your death.

Its like if you were playing COD World at War and characters from fu**in Advanced Warfare were hoppin on walls and flying and crap.... Why Ubi??