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05-19-2017, 04:28 PM
Dear Ubi Soft,

I was very execited for the season 2 patch to come and fix your issues with player synchronisation and balancing specially for gamepad users on PC.

After some days of playing I can only tell you one thing: You failed at a lot of tasks:

1. Server stability

I have more crashes than before the patch. Almost every 2nd game crashes due to disconnecting players.

2. Player synchronisation

The synchronisation seems to be worse than before the patch. I have terrible issues with killing shinobi. Had the execute buttons coming up several times killing him than suddenly I dont know how the buttons disapered and he killed me instead. You have to get a better stability, lags and stutters are awful.

3. Gamepad support on PC

I am 30+ and playing computer games since over 20 years on PC. I never had a game where you can tell so easy if a player is using mouse or gamepad. The class called "Meuchler" in german is unplayable with gamepad because you have to move the right stick back to center to reset the block in the same direction. With mouse you only have to move a slight tick further to reset it = mouse vs gamepad is an auto loss for the gamepad user unless the mouse player is very very bad.

Suggestion: make the block window smaller for mouse users, patch in a delay before blocks change direction for mouse users.

4. Reseting old gear with auto stats

Instead of changing the 1 gear stat that has changed you changed all gear stats = gear became totally useless = Users have to spend a lot of steal to get new usable gear.

I saw it in a lot of games "new gear" was announced and old gear became useless in fact you just want to make "new money", the new gear or the changes are not help or usefull in my opinion.

You guys already sold a full price game and you delivered a bugged piece of crashes. To put it briefly I just see a greedy company that just wants my money and delivers nothing for it.

5. Matchmaking

Your matchmaking is still crap why do prestige 30 players still get matched against no prestige players!?

Here is my advice for you:

Make players decide which hero they want to play BEFORE starting MATCHMAKING. This is the only way you can create fair matches at the same or a close prestige level.

I hope you read this and take some advice out of it.

Best of luck for your upcoming patches!

05-19-2017, 04:38 PM
4.gear became totally useless = Users have to spend a lot of steal to get new usable gear.

Or you could just play some games like a lot of ppl do?