View Full Version : the most funny thing happened today

05-19-2017, 12:24 PM
Helllo ,

so i was learning raider p1 and i matched against an orochi p4 level 19 or almost p5

in a 1v1 situation

we had 3 duels he won the first 2 3-2 ,3-2

thhis duell he lost 3-2

he alt f4 and quited the game

and when i was searching again i matched against him he said hi again , i asked him why he did , he ansswerrr u don''t understand i'am top 20% in europe and i cant take a loss i'am learning orochi

god damn it , i can't take a loss against a raiderr prestige 1 <3 , whahahhahhah

i'am not compllaining much about alt f4 , yes i won arround 30 duels , maybe i got 3-4 times the actuall win rest everybody was doing alt f4

Ubisoft , quitting penallty wherre is it ? :xD :xD

Ubisoft, when u add ranked mode take into consideration that quitting equal to loosing and there must be penalty

and dont llisten to whiners saying connection issues , connection issues never happens in 1v1 , so quitting is loosing

i know loosers will whine about it and blame the connection , but ubisoft hope u will take the right decision and take quit as a loose no matter what