View Full Version : Lost all fun

05-19-2017, 10:05 AM
How can i say it best?
Revenge is weak dont even matter if you get it or not!
Gearstats are total Ruined i grinded full attack often i hit top heavy and deal half bar damage with warden!
The Server connection is total Trash!
I have really no fun in playing this crap game anymore !
Everytime they change things buff nerf characters force to adapt all over again!
No Excitment nomore !
This was my Last game i bought from Ubisoft!

Just wanted to tell this to Ubisoft

05-19-2017, 10:18 AM
Dont worry im shure 90% of people that had expierenced any of the last games from ubisoft like wildlands and for honor they wont buy what they put out next