View Full Version : A question for the community for the new hero's ( and my opinion on them )

05-19-2017, 06:21 AM
I believe that both hero's are balanced in a 1v1 scenario. there moves can be seen and dodged or blocked a good amount of the time. they can be punished very easy( other than the Shinobi's kick that can't really be punished ). in the 1v1 the hero's Are balanced. people just need to play against them more. but where the problem I have is in the 4v4 game modes, ( like i said in a 1v1 they are balanced ). but how many times with the other team just watch a fight. they both can just repeatedly hit you and kick you and knock you to the ground stun you and have unblockables that pin you with very little stamina required to do so. I've been in a situation where I can't move and just watch me a** get handed to me.

I also believe that after the first round of the season is done a lot of people be switching back to the mains.

so my question is how would you as a community changing this issue I believe it makes the 4v4 game modes very unplayable at this time if they have more than one Centurion ( even one is bad sometimes). would you want a nerf? or maybe just a change to revenge where you can't get knocked down while you're in it or would you rather it stay this way? what would you do?

This whole thing was just my opinion I'm not telling anybody how to play the game or what must happen to keep the game "alive" or a "fix" I just want to know what the community has to say about it I've read other posts and other people's comments and like 10% are people with a valid statements did the 90% are people saying either get good or getting mad at somebody else's opinion. I do not want any of that in here i just want to read people's opinions on it. Thank you

05-19-2017, 09:51 AM
1) Implement hero limits. At most you should only be able to have 2 of the same hero on a team. Boom. Centurion/Shinobi stacking is fixed. They aren't OP in a 1v1 situation, although Shinobi pushes it with his double dash kick, heavy backflip harassment but I'm pretty sure you can GB a Shinobi in a double dash so you might be able to counter the kick before it even comes out if you're fast enough with the GB. However they definitely shine a lot in ganks. My best tip is to treat them like Shugoki and LB and always keep them in your sights. Don't let them catch you by surprise or you will feel the pain.
2) I don't know about revenge changes to help balance the Centurion and Shinobi. I'd need to play more to have an opinion on it.
3) I don't think people are going to be switching back to their mains after the first round unless they get nerfed to the point of unplayability. Centurion feels really fun to play and kick people around and I can only imagine how fun it is to zip zoom around as Shinobi and pull off insane combos.