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05-19-2017, 02:20 AM
Ok, so lets take a step back from calling centurion and his moveset completely busted in teams and take a look at his feats as well. . .

What, were, they, thinking? How does a global all ally full health overshield seem balanced even in the slightest? I mean catapult is strong and can 1 shot 1-4 players sometimes but at least it can miss and is avoidable some times. But the ally buff will never miss and always be effective and make every character more than twice as hard to kill once you factor in the extra number of revenges they will get before death. This feat is so game breaking I have seen so many dominion matches completely turned around thanks to this one feat. God forbid there be more than 1 centurion with this feat on the same team. I have noticed it's gotten to the point that ever since about half a day after the update every single 4v4 match I have played has simply been decided by whichever team has more centurions. Skill doesn't matter, without fail even if they are losing at first, once feats come online the team with more centurions always turns it around and wins.

But that's not even the worst of it. In elimination this feat is a guaranteed win if there isn't equal centurions on both sides with this feat and it even refreshes every round like other feats. So every round right off the start every character becomes twice as hard to kill. This is an immediate and gigantic handicap to the team that doesn't have a centurion.

This feat is so completely broken, but he also has other amazing feats like second wind and his ranged throw feat is a free kill against any squishy and it's faster than javelin. Then damage on his kicks and punches which are fast and unblockable? I was punched by a revenged cent for 53 damage. Sure he was revenged but that means that punch still does the damage of a ******* heavy attack. I say again, What, were, they, thinking?

I'd also like to address renown gain. Has it been altered this patch cause I feel like feats are coming online much quicker than before.

05-19-2017, 02:24 AM
They werent thinking.

They Didnt test

They betrayed balance.

Another toon with catapult too? are the ****ing BRAIN DEAD????

05-19-2017, 02:45 AM
You need to realize what Season two was, and that was an attempt at boosting up the player base. They wanted something cool and fun to attract all the players who left the game due to technical and balance issues. These new heros weren't designed for balance. It was pure hype to get people to buy season passes and play the game some more. They didn't care about the people still playing or the state of the game.