View Full Version : About Assassin's Creed: Origins

05-18-2017, 11:44 PM
So i know is officially called assassins creed origins, well, its a stupid name, anything with subtitle origins is ****ing stupid and lazy.
I personally think that assassins creed the first empire sounded better.

05-19-2017, 12:03 AM
Well we don't know anything officially yet. It will be here on the forum when we do know. It might be called Origins..... but these are just rumours from the same sources that said it would be called Empire.... at the moment I ignore all the rumours until it is announced.

Origins... means the birth, the start, the beginning.. and Origins sounds better than any of those 3... :)

it is not lazy or stupid to use the correct word and I play games I do not play titles... so it can be called anything and it does not matter, it will be fun. :)

05-19-2017, 12:05 AM
I know what do you mean .. But i have faith in Ubisoft .. those guys don't do anything without connection .

Maybe the name will clear much more parts of the story

I thought Empire was much cooler too .

I have played dragon age Origins and it was epic

05-19-2017, 01:14 AM
Lets all buy it on Origin :rolleyes: